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Who Are We?

Halifax Speech-Language Pathologist, Vicki Roda offers a full range of speech therapy services to children and adults. 

Dedicated to providing private individualized speech and language therapy in the Halifax and surrounding area since 1994, the Atlantic Clinic for Communication Disorders is conveniently located in Park Lane on Spring Garden Road.

All comprehensive services including consultation, assessment and treatment programs are administered by a nationally, and internationally certified and experienced Speech-Language Pathologist both on-site in our clinic and off-site in home and community settings.




What's New?

SCHOOL READINESS--Is Your Child Ready for School in September?

Spoken language is an essential precursor to learning to read, write and spell.  In primary, your child will be expected to follow verbal instruction, follow a story, answer questions and associate letters with sounds.  SLPs are trained to evaluate school readiness and speech/language development. Early identification and intervention if needed will help to lower the risk of later academic failure.