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Dedicated to providing prompt, individualized speech and language therapy services for children and adults experiencing communication problems, this private practice has been established since 1994. You will be welcomed to our warm and inviting surroundings.

As it is imperative that the goals established and the progress made in the therapy room carry over into everyday communication, parent training, home programs and home visits are integrated into the speech and language therapy program. Demonstrating therapy goals to help guide parents and train caregivers, teachers, nurses, early childhood educators is important to facilitate practice both in the therapy room and at home. Personalized materials are provided at each session.

REFERRALS--We receive referrals from physicians as well as other medical professions, for example, ENT Specialists, Pediatricians, Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists in the health and school sectors and Social Workers. These referrals are accompanied by medical and developmental history and questions and concerns regarding speech and language skills of the adult or child referred. In addition, self-referrals are accepted. You may, as an adult refer yourself, your spouse or your child for an initial consultation by calling 429-6681. See Contact page for further information.

EVALUATION--Following the speech-language pathology consult, which includes discussions about backgound information, milestones and the impact of the communication problem on daily living, a full assessment including formal testing may be required to establish goals for this plan. A complete management plan will then be outlined.

TREATMENT PLAN--Sessions are usually an hour in length but may vary depending on the attention span of the child/adult. Individual speech and language therapy sessions may be recommended in the following areas: 

    • Articulation/Speech and Language 
    • Augmentative/Alternative Communication
    • Hearing
    • Reading/Writing Skills
    • Pragmatics/Social Communication Disorders
    • Stuttering
    • Voice
Treatment frequently takes place in the comfort of our soundproof treatment rooms equipped with observation capability. Programming for speech and language is designed to capitalize on the strengths of the client. Each treatment plan is individualized drawing on specialized training of the clinician in areas such as adult Stuttering, ACCD Focus on Literacy Program including Phonological Awareness, reading/writing/spelling and Earobics© 1 and 2, the PECS-Picture Exchange Communication System for people with autism and augmentative/alternative communication needs, the Lidcombe Program for Early Stuttering Treatment for example.